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Top Reasons to Dig Alpacas:

1. Their Fiber

A.k.a. fleece or wool, is what alpacas are raised for, and it is one of the most amazing natural fibers in the world!  Softer, warmer and stronger than sheep's wool, water-resistant, odor-resistant, and even flame-resistant and hypoallergenic!  Need more specifics?  Every fiber is hollow and holds air, which makes for a lighter and more thermal and efficient garment all the way around!  Highly regarded and exclusive for its unique properties, it used to be reserved for royalty!  Looking for alpaca products?  Click here!

2. Their Peacefulness

Alpacas make a calming humming sound, and are peaceful to watch as they graze and lay down (cush).  They are so chill to hang with, that doing relaxing yoga among them is a great stress-reliever and fun time!  Also, handling alpaca fiber through spinning yarn, knitting or weaving cozy scarves, or giving them a hug now and then (like my best friend Danielle is pictured here with Cuddles), is an awesome way to up your peaceful vibes!  

Learn more about our Farm Visits here!

3. Their Poop

That's right, alpacas have some stellar manure!  It too has unique properties that make it excellent natural fertilizer, and it won't burn your veggies! (Don't believe me? Come see my garden this year!)  Not only that, but they use communal dung piles they essentially can be litter box trained! 

There are more reasons to love alpacas, but these are just a few!  More than just a fashion trend, these fuzzy cuties are some special God-given creatures for sure!  Contact us to schedule a visit to our alpaca farm today!

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