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June 26th, July 10th & July 24th: Alpaca Yoga!

July 3rd, 17th & July 31st: Aqua Fit by Alpacas!

This is a fun experience you won't want to miss!  Come on out and relax with our friendly alpacas!!


Classes are 1 hour long (45 mins of gentle yoga, and 15 mins of alpaca facts and selfies!), and appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. The alpacas will not spit or jump on you; they will eat grain from your hand, munch on grass, and relax with you!  


Not so into yoga?  No problem and we don't mind!  It's still fun to sit or lay in the pasture with the unique perspective of looking up at the alpacas as they visit with you!  You can also schedule a private Alpaca Yoga session for a special event, or a Farm Visit!  Or click here for Aqua Fit!


If there is rain, we can still hold the session on our covered barn patio, which sits right next to the alpaca paddock.  Guests have really enjoyed this alternative, as the sound of rain is also peaceful, and you can still visit with the alpacas before & after!

Please bring a yoga mat or blanket.  We have a few mats to borrow -first come, first serve.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to sign in and process payment.  We ask that guests not join the session late as it is disruptive to other guests.


All sessions are family-friendly, and kids are always welcome!  There is also a small gift shop, featuring our adorable Cuddles: 'Alpaca my Yoga Mat!' 

Click 'Book Now' below to simply reserve your spot, and bring your payment with you.  We prefer cash or Venmo to avoid fees. 

Click here for Aqua Fit by Alpacas!

See you at the farm!

"My friend brought me to Alpaca Yoga at Ladue Alpacas as a birthday gift and it just made the day!...So fun and relaxing."  ~ Karen

  • "Alpaca my yoga mat!"

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Meet your awesome instructor: Lauren Blair - local Owner of The Whole Approach exercise studio in Holley, NY!  Check out her studio here!

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Our Alpaca Yoga was showcased during Covid as a great outdoor stress-relief wellness activity for the community:

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