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A dream...mixed with

a little 'out-of-the-box' thinking...

Having a home in the country with land for animals was a long-awaited dream-come-true.  Then when brainstorming WHAT kind of productive animals to raise, outside of food production, that would love all the grass we had...cute, fuzzy and different took root!  But even before that...previous business trips to Australia allowed me to also tour New Zealand, where I fell in love with the idea of raising sheep, which ultimately introduced me to wool/fiber production.  And while in Australia, I got to interact with kangaroos and wallabies [much to my thrill!], which influenced my interest in exotic and international species...and especially interacting with them!  So once we started researching fiber animals more, with some 'out-of-the-box' thinking and an eye for the exotic/unique, it wasn't long before we came across the very unique world of alpacas and their amazing fiber! 

AND...With COVID, our desire and focus evolved even more toward how we could try to meet the personal wellness needs of our community through our alpacas.  Thus introducing crowd-free private Farm Visits, and social-distanced open-air Alpaca Yoga!  

And the rest is still history in the making!



'Ladue' is the name of our road, and according to, it is the Americanized form of the French word, 'Ledoux,' which means, 'The sweet.'  

How perfect!  - 'The Sweet Alpacas!'


Our farm sits on almost 12 acres, and is just 10 minutes southwest of the center of Brockport (about 35 minutes from Rochester).  We are a working farm that produces alpaca fiber (wool), and offers fun and unique opportunities for the public to enjoy and interact with our adorable and relaxing alpacas.  Schedule a private educational Farm Visit, a Virtual Class Field Trip, or stretch out at one of our seasonal Alpaca Yoga classes, led by a local certified yoga instructor!  Our services are always growing, so keep checking back!  Our focus is on farmingeducation, interaction and of course FUN!


What sets us a part [besides the yoga!], is we also have a covered barn patio that sits right next to the alpaca paddock, perfect for people of all ages and physical abilities.  Our grounds are also handicap-accessible, and we have ample parking that can accommodate buses, conveniently close to the barn and paddock.


What's more, Five Sons Winery & RG Brewery is just around the corner, offering their own wine and beer, local hard ciders, food, and our favorite: their house-crafted wine and beer-infused frozen custards!  Alpacas then wine??  What could be better?!  Check out their website here!

We are family-friendly, and can accommodate larger groups upon request.  In addition, we also support local businesses, and care about sustainability.

Click below to schedule a Farm Visit, or to ask us about our other services!

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