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Alpaca "Magical" Manure

Alpaca manure is "magical manure!"  because it is nutrient-dense, low odor, and known for having unique properties that keep it from burning your veggies!  So you can essentially work it into your garden as fertilizer at any time, without the need to let it sit/rot first!  Composte is pricey or takes time to make, so many folks love this natural, available, and affordable option instead!  This can also be added to your current composte pile to amp it up!  Many local farmers and gardeners love Ladue Alpacas' manure for this reason!  


The cost is $25 and allows you to take as much manure as will fit into your containers, and as much as you can fit into your vehicle, in a single vist.  This includes our helping to collect the manure with you (which is needed due to the tools and techniques used for collection). 


Please bring your own tubs or containers for transport.  We recommend tubs that have rope handles, or something similar.  You will also want a tarp or large garbage bag laid down in your vehicle underneath the containers.  Gloves are also a good idea, as are good rubber boots.  You do not need to bring other tools or shovels.  


Collecting the manure takes about 20-30 minutes, so please plan accordingly.  Please also note that this is not a "Farm Visit/tour."  If you would like to learn about the alpacas and interact with them, please see our Farm Visit page and schedule a time to come back, when you can have the full experience!  However, if you need any alpaca socks or other alpaca products while here, the gift shop will be available upon request.   


Email or text 585-415-0435 to arrange!

Alpaca "Magical" Manure

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